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Kickstart your Money Date Night is your way to learn how to have stress-free money conversations in your relationship. ♥️

Episode 3: How we afford to travel so much

Having the ability to travel and building a budget to go on these adventures has been at the top of Colin Ryan and Lindsey Lathrop’s list ever since they got together in 2012. Listen in to hear how they do it.

Episode 2: Brass Tacks: How We Manage Our Money

Colin Ryan and Lindsey Lathrop answer the question “How do you actually manage your money?” and help you think about how to create your own system in your relationship.

Our Shared Monthly Expenses Tracker

Do you share expenses with a significant other or roommate? Looking for a simple way to keep track of expenses and split them at the end of the month? We created a spreadsheet that you have instant access to!

Lindsey + Colin’s Money Tool Review

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to choose a tool or app to manage your money. There are so many to choose from! Luckily, Money Date Night hosts Lindsey Lathrop and Colin Ryan review their favorites to track money, split expenses (including the bill), control impulses, and find deals. 

Episode 1: Meet the Couple Behind Money Date Night

Meet podcast hosts Colin Ryan and Lindsey Lathrop as they walk you through their vision of the Money Date Night podcast and what draws them to talk about money together.

How to Set the Mood for your Money Date Night

How do you set your Money Date Night up for success?
Here are the 6 tips we discovered work really well for us. We bet they will for you, too!

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Learn how to have stress-free money conversations in your relationship. ♥️

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