Your ability to manage your money directly impacts the kind of life you have together. ♥️

This has been a real game changer for us in only a couple of weeks of taking time to talk money.


Do you shut down when your partner brings up finances?

Do you get angry when you see another shopping bag come through the door?

Do you worry about your partner’s financial future?

Couples who regularly talk about money are happier in their relationships than those who discuss finances less frequently.

TD Bank Money & Love Study

73% of individuals have money management styles that are different from their partner’s.


Sure – money conversations can be awkward and tense. But they can also bring you closer together and help you learn new things about each other. Like what “home” really means to you and where you got your money mindset from. Or something on your bucket list you’ve never told anybody. Or what’s getting in your way of asking for that raise. 

Once you see that you’re able to navigate these topics, you’ll be more willing to take on others as they come up in your relationship. You’ll see!


This experience has really brought us closer together and, at least for me, challenged me to be up front with my feelings regarding our finances. Just talking things out and getting on the same page is very important to us, and I know that this has made us better at that. These skills have flowed into other areas of our lives whenever it might be difficult to start a discussion.


Build momentum with these conversations in just

6 weeks! 👇👇 We’ll be your guide.

What we cover in this 6 week course:

Kickstart Your Money Date Night helps you learn EXACTLY how to START and HAVE money conversations in your relationship.

We give you our personal roadmap for getting to a deeper vision for your life together.



This is perfect for couples at all stages including those newly engaged and recently married.

Getting started & your MDN calendar

Let’s dip our toes in by setting the mood for your money date nights. You’ll schedule the next 6 weeks of conversations and create a topic outline for the year.

Vulnerability & money conversations

Money can be a major source of conflict for couples, especially because we all have a money origin story. Listen in as we talk about our first money conversation while dating and how it completely changed our relationship (for the better).

Keeping up with the Joneses

Ah, the comparison game. This can be a major driver for spending and resentment. Who do you compare yourself to and how does that impact the vision of the life you’re building together?

Your money management system

How do you both manage your money currently? Do you do it separately? Together? What’s working and what isn’t?

All about home

The cost of a “home” is one of the largest investments you may ever make in your life. Time to talk about what “home” means to each of you! If home-buying is in the cards, we got you covered.

Keeping this all going

How will your future selves feel when you look at all the conversations you’ve had and things you’ve changed as a result of your commitment to this course? That’s what week 6 is all about! 

A note from Lindsey & Colin

Remember when we told you that we realized our ability to manage our money directly impacts the kind of life we have together? 

That is what having a Money Date Night is all about.

Do we only talk about money at night? Well, no. But we do make sure to set a “date-like” mood and schedule, keeping it light and inspiring when we get together each month.

Showing up for each other in this way has paid off (literally and figuratively) in many ways. We mentioned its brought us closer together. It also helped us to:

  • quit our jobs and build our businesses (Lindsey as a coach and Colin as a speaker and author)
  • invest in ourselves, giving us time to get good at those businesses (and explore our passions)
  • take extended travel sabbaticals
  • create a cushion of savings for the future
  • better understand each of our money mindsets and why we behave the way we do
  • share the responsibility of the household finances (aka less resentment)

While these things were important to US, we’re excited to help you define YOUR priorities.

At the end of the day, what do you want for your lives together? We know that’s a big question and you may not know the answer, but regardless, it’s most likely going to take money!

Kickstart Your Money Date Night is your guide to starting and having these conversations. We really hope you do!

We’ve both realized that we’re generally pretty good at discussing hard topics. We’ve begun to visualize our finances better and both look to try to manage our money better. We’ve made tremendous progress on our debt and at the same time have continued to enjoy our lives. We have been more realistic in envisioning our long and short term goals, travelling more and owning a home. Most importantly, ensuring that there is less tension or resentment when we talk about what we want and need, and supporting each other as a team. 



When you sign up, you and your partner also receive a complimentary coaching session with Lindsey & Colin! 


Who is this course for?

You are partnered up and you share expenses. You know why it’s a good thing to talk about money, but something always gets in the way of having these conversations. You’re ready to make them a priority and share the “financial work” in the relationship, without added tension and conflict.

How does the coaching session work?

When you sign up in the course, you’ll be prompted to schedule a 50-minute coaching session with Lindsey and Colin. They will coach you around how to make the most of this experience or whatever else you want to bring to the table. If you decide you’d like more time with them, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss the options.

What will this course teach us?

That money conversations actually deepen your relationship with each other and with yourselves! You’ll also learn it’s possible to build and KEEP a consistent and sustainable schedule for discussing money.

How long do we get access to the course?

You get unlimited access. The materials are yours to use when you want to use them.

What is the refund policy?

We strongly believe in our product and in its value. Your success depends entirely on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow-through.  However, if you are not happy with the product within 10 days of purchase, we will give you a 100% refund. Email us at moneydatenight(at)

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Learn how to have stress-free money conversations in your relationship. ♥️

Over 6 weeks, we help you learn EXACTLY how to START and HAVE these conversations.

We’re giving you our personal roadmap for getting to a deeper vision for your life together.