Kick Start Your Money Date Night

We’re helping couples create (and stick to) a system for your Money Date Night. We’ve launching a FREE 6 week beta course on June 3. Did we miss you? You can apply for the next round below.

Who the course is for

Couples who want support with: 

  • building a consistent structure for YOUR Money Date Night to share the “financial work” in your relationship

  • coming up with MDN topic ideas and goals

  • talking about money with each other (dreaming together, navigating tricky conversations, and more!)


We have room for 10 couples in the FREE beta course.

Check out the requirements below.

What you’re in for

Online course includes: Weekly Recorded Conversation & Guide: Check your inbox for a new money conversation and guide from Colin and Lindsey. Each week is different and are based on money conversations we’ve had around different financial milestones in our lives.  Our hope is this content will help shape your weekly MDN conversation and provide questions that make for great conversation starters. Live Office Hours: Every Wednesday night from 8-9pm EST, we will host office hours on Zoom to further your individual conversations and hear what from other couples going through the course. 

Beta course requirements

Because we are offering the course for free, we are looking for couples who can say “YES” to all of the following: ___We are in a serious relationship ___We are commited to either start having or to having better money conversations  ___We are able to have a Money Date Night conversation every week during the course (scheduled at a time convenient to you) ___We will join the MDN Private Coaching Group (this is where you’ll attend a weekly office hour with Colin + Lindsey) ___We are able to attend 3 out of the 6 live office hours (preferably both of you together) ___We will provide feedback via a pre and post survey about our experience and reflect on what we’ve learned ___We will bring an open mind and commitment to vulnerability ___We will provide a testimonial and photo of our Money Date Night in action (Lindsey + Colin will get your final approval before using) ___We are open to Colin + Lindsey following up with us in 6 months after the course to see how it’s going

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Better money conversations await!

Learn how to have stress-free money conversations in your relationship. ♥️

Over 6 weeks, we help you learn EXACTLY how to START and HAVE these conversations.

We’re giving you our personal roadmap for getting to a deeper vision for your life together.